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Occupant, a Spy/Thriller by GJ Swenson is now available in paperback or Kindle.  Published by Keith Publications

Tom and Michelle Larson are embarking on a vacation adventure.  So far, their life together has been fruitful, their love neglected, their story- rather bland. Unknown to them, they have rented a vacation home from a man with a much more exciting past.

Tom starts focusing on the neglected marriage, luring his wife away from her career and back into his arms. But there is a handsome younger man who seems too interested in Michelle.  Unknown to Tom, this man is not chasing her; he is on a quest to exact revenge.  He had been given an address. Its occupant is his target.

Occupant is a story about unchecked ambition and mistaken identity. In an attempt to take over control of the world’s top intelligence organizations, two ambitious leaders stack the decks to insure their promotions by eliminating each other”s competition. They fabricate the truth and send an innocent young man to do their killing. Unskilled and blinded by revenge, he mistakes a man on vacation for the man he was sent to kill.  The vacationer fights back.

Occupant was released Tuesday, May 7th, in Kindle version, on  Printed version was released May 31st.  Nook and other electronic media formats to follow. Enjoy!

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