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Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountaans

Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

GJ Swenson is from the Washington DC area.  Occupant is the first of his Compromised Agency Trilogy-  The second book-Resident is set in Baltimore and Philly.  The third of the series- Uninvited Guest, is set in Prague and Moscow.

Mr. Swenson is an accomplished luthier, who spent many years making violins, violas, cellos and mandolins. He has a degree in newspaper production management, worked for the Washington Post Company as a Production Director.  He wrote pieces for the paper on occasion. His relaxation includes tennis, where his doubles team made it to the Nationals in Las Vegas, golf, bicycling-rode the 5 boroughs of NYC in 2010 and is now riding the Cumberland to DC tow path, and birdwatching when he is not writing.

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