The Cast


Occupant Cast


American Intelligence

Martin Reynolds- Director of Central Intelligence- tall, wiry, unkempt- a great storehouse of information and energy

Spencer Varney- Deputy Director of Operations-Clandestine Services- Brought up on Bond, unchecked ambition and unbridled action

Oliver Harris- Deputy Director of Intelligence-unassuming, smart, small in stature, yet has a lot to say.

Ernest Krell- Deputy Director of Science and Technology- a player, fingers on the pulse of technology, eyes on the future.

Paul Boyle- Deputy Director of Administration- efficient office manager

J.J. Kline- Varney’s assistant- on the edge, aggressive, impatient

Ann Benton- Assistant to Director of Intelligence- smart, hiding the passionate woman inside of the drab office clothing, with her eye on the glass ceiling,

Charles McTammy- Officer in charge of investigation of shooting- old school policeman, eyes on retirement, uncomfortable with change

Mark Rhodes- Officer- cocky, condescending- a man with a gun but lacking the decision-making ability to use it correctly

Evan Taylor- Assistant to Director of Intelligence- handsome, a bit slick, uses his gifts for his own betterment

William Wallach- Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation- From the shelf below CIA directors, but able and patriotic

Mitch Campbell- Data Analyst, CIA- Tom’s best friend and neighbor


Russian Intelligence

Pavel Belov- Head of SVR- Solidly built, brilliant both politically and operationally. Was schooled in the old world but has learned the new ways to survive.

Yuri Melinkov- #2 man in SVR- Relic from the past, methodical and dedicated to Belov

Viktor Nitikin- #3 man in SVR- Fast rising, politically connected and imbued with capitalistic desires

Natasha Barnekov- Viktor’s assistant- lovely young woman who keeps herself open for opportunity

Andre Kobaladze- Chief of Internal Security- his job is his focus-

Sergei Zorkaltsev- son of Anatoly, bright, handsome young man on the verge of a successful life


Tom Larson- Unassuming, underdeveloped government accountant, drawn into the world of espionage

Michelle Larson- very smart computer program developer, attractive in an “un-obsessed with her looks” way

Christina Veudez- Evan’s girlfriend- lovely, bright and fit, but doesn’t pick her men very well, drawn to edgy, challenging guys


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